I'm a high-school student at Phillips Academy Andover. I'm an advocate for privacy and government transparency, the founder of Politiwatch, and the author of WorthHiding.com.

I want to use technology to improve the world—​and learn something along the way. My research areas include government accountability, digital privacy, cybersecurity, and the intersection thereof.

My projects, research, and commentary have appeared in several major news outlets including the Washington Post, NBC News, CNN, the Daily Beast, Nightly News with Lester Holt, TimeOut National, New York Daily News, BoingBoing, Bustle, and TimeOut New York. My research with Dr. Sarah Kreps has been presented at Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and Georgetown, among other institutions.


Via email: my email address is [email protected]. Please encrypt your messages to F3C7 8280 DDBF 52A1.

Via instant messenger: my Matrix username is @miles:rmrm.io. I prefer to use Signal, but I'm not willing to share my phone number online.

Via snail mail: my mailing address is R. Miles McCain / 180 Main Street / Andover, MA 01810. Make sure you include my name correctly, as this is an institutional address.


View my full portfolio here.