Miles McCain is a student at Phillips Academy Andover. He is an advocate for privacy and government transparency, the founder of Politiwatch, and the author of

resume / pgp signature (Keybase)

At a Glance

  • Student at Phillips Academy Andover (junior; age 16)
  • lives in New York City
  • PGPs (not the cryptographic kind) he, him, his
  • is licensed ham radio operator KD2HZZ
  • values his privacy heavily and will keep this page minimal
  • loves free-as-in-free (libre) software
  • is trying to contribute to the world in a meaningful way
  • doesn't like military drones


  • "tech"
  • programming
  • cybersecurity
  • machine learning
  • privacy
  • rowing
  • running
  • writing
  • aviation
  • ham radio
  • "making"